Red Flags That Indicate It’s Time to Fire Your Wedding Planner

Wedding planners have earned this reputation as some sort of miracle workers. It is not uncommon to see an ad from a wedding planner in Sydney promising to turn your dream wedding into a reality. If it sounds too good to be true, then you know it probably is! Unfortunately, this is a lesson often learned the hard way. While some of those who have done their homework can enjoy their wedding preparation with the help of their reliable planner, some have been through hell!

If you can relate to the latter group, then it might be time to fire your wedding planner! These are some of the red flags to watch out for, in case you are considering of getting a new wedding planner in Sydney:

1. A wedding planner that has trouble sticking with your budget. One of the reasons why couples hire a wedding planner is to help organize their budget. With an inexperienced wedding planner in Sydney, it will be a challenge to stick to that budget. They will be unable to negotiate the deals they had promised to you by the time of signing your contract with them. The worst thing that could happen is for your wedding planner to choose low quality vendors (changing your vendors from the ones you agreed on initially) to make your budget work. If you notice them doing this, you need to think really hard about firing them!

2. A wedding planner that does not honor your opinion or insights. Before you get overwhelmed, it is important to remember this is YOUR wedding. Hence, your opinion is what matters most! Even when a wedding planner claims to be an expert, they should always consider your opinion and ideas before recommending theirs. Their role should be to polish your idea, not squash it over theirs.

3. A wedding planner does not keep you well informed. Another aspect of a wedding planner’s responsibility is to always keep you updated about what is going on during the preparation. Hence, they should make an effort to inform you if the venue is booked, or if you encountered some problems with a particular vendor. If they fail to do that, they are not doing such a great job! It is not your job to make an effort to reach out for them for updates.

4. A wedding planner executes contracts with vendors on your behalf without informing you. This is another major no-no and is often the case with unprofessional wedding planners. While you can give your wedding planner the right to execute contracts on your behalf, they should have the decency to consult you about it first.

To avoid the hassle and stress of dealing with unprofessional wedding planners, you need to be meticulous in choosing who you hire. It is easy to overlook this one especially when you have so much to think about. But you have to pay it due diligence since a trusted wedding planner like Pink Caviar Events can unload a lot of your burden.

How to Overcome Common Pitfalls in Wedding Photography

Even with professional photography skills, taking shots in a wedding ceremony comes with numerous challenges. First, there is pressure from the audience and from the couple. In addition, the occasion is a one-time opportunity, which you cannot revise. With the emotional attachment that graces a wedding ceremony, you must do your best as a wedding photographer to give your clients the best photos.


It is important to master tips that may come handy during a wedding photo session. Especially if you are a start-up in the industry, the following tips, together with the skills in professional photography, can help you rise above your challenges.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

If you don’t communicate with your clients properly, you may not know what they want. You need to know what your client needs. Your client also wants to know what you can deliver. Unless you keep the lines of communication open, you will find it difficult to meet the demands of your client. Listen to explanations carefully, ask questions, and offer appropriate advice where necessary.

Survey the Venue Before the Actual Day

It is important to have a clear knowledge of the location before the actual day of the wedding. Different locations have different topography, varying light intensity, and surrounding structures. In that regard, it is advisable to visit at the actual venue where the wedding will take place.

This will help you determine the light intensity and other factors that may influence photography during the occasion. During the preview of the location, take several test shots to identify common challenges that may arise on the actual day. If noticed, look for possible solutions. Looking for professional photography websites can also reveal more information on how to deal with various challenges, especially when you cover wedding occasions.

Know the Rules for the Location

Every location comes with its own set of rules regarding photography. For example, some religious venues do not allow flash when the ceremony is underway. Others don’t just allow it completely through the entire function. It is advisable to obtain the rules in advance to avoid any interruption when the function is underway. Consult with the wedding planner to get all the details and possible rules.

If the venue has an online site, visit the site or visit here and glean as much information as possible. That information is important because it will inform your moves during the occasion. You will know various points of the venue to avoid, how long you can take in a certain point and any other rule that applies to the location.

Have a Shooting Checklist

This is quite important in any professional wedding photography. It will help you remember every item that your client expects you to do. Revise the list with the couple in advance and iron out any changes to give you easy time during the function.

Have Backups

Don’t rely on one machine or a single card. With backup machines and accessories, you can avoid interruption during the function. When one camera fails, you can rely on the backup machine. The principle applies to accessories such as memory cards. For more details, just visit

Common Adult Services in Brisbane

The adult services available in Brisbane are quite in number but are restricted to people above the age of 18 years only. Some of them include adult shops, exotic dance clubs, stripper clubs, escorts and even brothels. Additionally, these adult services are available to cater to the needs of both men and women. Therefore, whether at a party or you just need to spend some alone time, there are plenty of adult services Brisbane wide that you can choose from so you can have an awesome experience. Even so, the most common adult service that people seek includes the brothels and escort services. In fact, this has been so far the longest time as during the first settlement era, brothels and female prostitution were established and in history evidence of sex trade is common.


It’s very common to see escorts providing adult services Brisbane wide being advertised in newspapers and on websites. There are private escorts and those working for an agency. Private escorts could sometimes be referred to as call girls. There are in-call escorts where a client will come to the escorts and outcall where the escorts will have to go to the venue the client is inviting them to. The prices too vary such that while there are affordable escorts, there are those that can be extremely expensive and these are especially the special-interest  escorts that include former porn stars, twins, or submissive among others. You can also find male escorts and can be available to either a female client or a male client depending on which adult services in Brisbane you are seeking.


When it comes to adult services in Brisbane CBD, nothing beats brothels. Here, the ladies work in an established legal environment that is regulated. They are quite a great option, especially because ladies offering sex services are normally screened for sexually transmitted disease to ensure that clients don’t feel like their health is being jeopardized. It’s always done to ensure safety at all times. Also, you get to pick the girl you want to spend your time with by selecting once you arrive.

Online Services

The good news is when seeking adult services in Brisbane brothel, the Internet offers so much privacy and convenience to the clients thus they don’t have to worry. Also, just by visiting the website, clients can narrow their search to the specific taste that they like. Also, the contacts of the particular girl are always put on the internet therefore clients can just call them up and make negotiations and then have the particular girl they want to visit them or go to them as there are comfortable rooms in most of the facilities provided.

When it comes to adult services Brisbane market has today, you will definitely find something that will be worth spending your money and time on. Ranging from the legal brothels, escorts, bondage mistresses, strippers, clubs among other things, you will not miss something you will take an interest in. Escorts and brothels are the most sought-after  services with the use of the Internet making accessing these services much easier. Contact us at for more details.

A Basic Guide to Reading Your First Sheet Music

Have you ever had a song ringing in your head for so long that you wished you could play a melody for it on a piano, guitar, or your favourite music instrument? But where to start when you wish to learn to play a favourite melody can be a big deal when you’re not a musician yourself. The good news is that an online sheet music can help you get started without much hassle.

But wait a minute…how do you read sheet music? Many people think that reading sheet music is not only complicated, but also stuff for the geeks and geniuses. Yet, that need not be the case for you! It can actually be pretty easy to read it and play a favourite melody once you understand the secret behind it.

The steps below will introduce you to the music language that forms the basis for creating and interpreting sheet music:

Start by grasping the Essentials of Notation

When you’re trying to learn to read online sheet music, it’s paramount that you understand the primary symbols and notation. Music is represented in the form of symbols such as the staff, clefs, and notes. Each of these symbols has a meaning that can be interpreted to help understand a specific melody.

Understand the Beat

Do you sometimes tap your feet or nod your head in a predictable pattern when listening to a song you like? If yes, you must have realized that the tapping has to be in synchrony with the beat of the song. The beat is also represented in the form of a time signature. It’s a meter that you’ll see symbolised as a fraction, such as 4/4.

In the meter, the numerator denotes the number of beats for every bar of the staff. On the other hand, the denominator indicates the note value for every beat, which is the pulse your head nods to as you listen to music.

Pick Up the Tempo

The tempo of a song determines how fast or slow it should play. And changing the tempo of any melody can affect its taste. The tempo is denoted in beats per second. For instance, a tempo of 60 bpm indicates that 60 of the indicated notes should be played every minute.

Learn the Scales

There are eight consecutive notes in a scale. You may want to start with learning the C major scale because this paves the way for understanding the other scales. The C major scale has notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. There is a certain way in which every scale corresponds to keys on the Piano keyboard or guitar, and that’s important to learn.

Once you master reading online sheet music, it becomes very easy for you to play your favourite melody on the piano. It’ll take your time to understand notations and symbols in music sheets, including the staff, clefs, and notes. For a music enthusiast, the fruits of learning to read sheet music are worth these efforts!

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