Charity to Fashion – The Long Journey of Embossed Wristbands

Lance Armstrong popularized the concept of silicone wristbands for the first time in 2004. It was solely for charity purposes, and the trend was seen to be carried by the KU start player, the NBA sport studs and many prominent celebs. However, with time the concept has changed completely. The market is now flooded with embossed wristbands, which are considered as stylish and fashionable accessories. These wristbands are exclusive, personalized accessories where you can emboss your own name, a symbol, artwork, some lucky number, message, etc.

embossed wristbands

What are Embossed Wristbands        

These are typically the opposite of debossed wristbands. In debossed wristbands, your name or the art work is imprinted or engraved on the band. However, with embossed bands, the letters would be significantly raised from the surface level. This is a distinct fashion code nowadays since it is different from the traditional engraved style. You can also have preferences in embossed pattern, like you can choose swirled style, twisted, segmented or solid style in embossed wristbands.

Apart from embossed wristbands, there are a number of other types of wristbands. In giant cities like Sydney or Melbourne, you can easily get access to a huge range of wristbands. The popular wristbands Melbourne shops sell, and which can easily engross you are available in standard markets as well as on web merchandise portals. These are:

·        Color Filled wristbands

·        Debossed wristbands

·        Color Coated wristbands

·        Segmented wristbands

·        Micro wristbands

·        Key chain wristbands

·        Swirled wristbands

·        Finger bands

·        One-inch wristbands

·        Silkscreen wristbands

·        ¾ inch wristbands

A great party accessory

These wristbands enhance your personality with a trendy look. You can also boast a sporty look with rubber wristband bracelets, which are flexible, water resistant and well-fitting bands. Therefore, it does not matter if you are attending a pool party or a shower party, or a beach party, this kind of wristband can be your partner everywhere. Besides these are unisex bands, which means irrespective of your gender you can use them. You can also customize these embossed wristbands these days. Many online portals offer custom solutions where they imprint your selected art work, floral, abstract, sports related any message or symbol on your wristbands. This means that the next time you visit a party, these wristbands for parties are going to fetch you great appreciation and attention.

Benefits of color contrast embossed wristbands

·        These are easily visible to eyes.

·        The color contrast brings in a catchy look. If you use vibrant colors, these become extremely distinguishable.

·        Made of high quality rubber or silicone, these can be washed easily.

·        You can try out different font styles for embossment.

The embossed wristbands are reasonable in price. These mostly cost extra 0.06$ if you choose to highlight your wristband with swirled or segmented effect. You can place bulk orders above 50 pieces with similar design. This helps you in making your college party or music band party, etc., a personalized one where you can gift all the members or participants the same wristbands. Check at HTTPS://WRISTBANDMONKEY.COM.AU/ORDER-NOW/

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