Guitars: a Not to Do List

Guitars are among the most versatile of instruments that are known to man. They can produce bone crushing sounds like the one slamming death metal bands produce or to angelic light tones such as the ambient effect that some artists create like Tosin Abasi of Animals as leaders. They have been around since the renaissance and have entertained kings and queens in the past. However, the guitar is not an immortal instrument as it can get damaged in time. So whether you are a beginner guitarist or somebody who is yet to buy your first guitar, here are some things that you should do before going to a Sydney guitar repair shop.

Guitar types

There are basically two general types of guitars: acoustic guitars and electric guitars. Acoustic guitars do not need electricity for them to become audible because they utilize a hollow body to amplify the sound produced by the guitar strings. Electric guitars on the other hand require an amp for you to hear the sound. The magnetic vibrations created by the guitar strings are captured by the pickups then transferred into the amp.

Playing too loud

Most of the time, especially with electric guitars, the most common thing that beginners do that usually lead them to a Sydney guitar repair shop is playing too loud. Playing too loud usually can burn down your amplifier and destroy your pickups. If the electrical current gets too high, you can even burn down the wires that make your guitar sound. Worse, even burning the whole thing and the whole building that you are in.

Not thinking about the moisture

Another thing that beginners and even learned players do that harms their guitar is leaving their guitars in humid places. Well, first and foremost whether you are using a 200 dollar beginner acoustic guitar or a Jackson 7 string guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups, they are made of the same thing: wood. Wood can snap and break when exposed to a high amount of moisture because it weakens the bonds of the atoms inside of it. Check out Stage Door Productions

Not maintaining the nut

The nut is a very important part of a guitar. It is where a string passes through and it makes sure that the string is in the right position. However, if left unattended, nuts can be stuck with dust and dirt that usually kills the string’s tone. This can also break the nut itself because it tends to weaken the nut. If you are able to find guitar repair in Sydney that can replace nuts for you, tell them to replace it with graphite or other similar materials as plastic is not really that durable.

Things to remember

Always remember that even the slightest detail can change the tone of your guitar. The Sydney guitar repair of your choice should be able to understand what you want to get from your guitar. This way, they are able to make the adjustments for you. For example, if you are a blues player, you might want to consider fatty tones so go for pickups that can do that for you. On the other note, if you are into chugging and want to achieve the “djent” tone, go for active pickups like EMG’s or Dimarzio’s.

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Post Author: Alicia Dunn

Alicia Dunn