Interesting Facts About the Fountain Pen Ink

While dot pens, gel pens and several other hybrids have taken over the market through the last 5 decades strongly, the pride of fountain pens still remains the same. People who love to write with care, and have mastered calligraphy would accept without a doubt that fountain pens deliver the most fluid and crisp writings. But did you ever think what brilliant technology behind the writings of a fountain pen is? Well, the fountain pen ink is the most crucial thing which brings the best quality writings. However, well-built and posh the pen may be, without the proper quality ink, its body and precious nib are of no use.

fountain pen ink

The composition of the ink

The ink is composed of the color and the fluid. While the fluid carrying the color may be water or some other liquid acting as the wetter, the color can come from two types of components. It may be a pigment or a dye. The downside of pigment based ink is that it can clog the nib’s pores when the ink dries or when the nib is not in use for a long time. But the dye based ink would not clog pores, and would flow well. However, until date some inks with pigments are used because of the permanence of the ink. Well, did you think of so many things earlier when the pockets of your school shirt got stained with the fountain pen ink?

The composition

The ink is actually engineering. Chemists like Stark from Scotland, who had actually spent decades after the research to find the best ink dye have brought the composition of the ink to the current day perfect combination. The dye or coloring pigments called the vehicle, and then the wetter, the pH balancer, the anti foaming agents, the anti-bacterial  agents, etc. all make the ink the perfect combination for the most fluid and permanent writing. You must have never thought of so many things while using fountain pen inks! Even to this day, all you think of is where to buy the next cartridge, and where to compare the best fountain pen ink prices. But so many things actually matter which you never knew.

Surface tension of the ink

Did you know that the liquid used in the ink has to be very apt; else the ink will flow too fast or would not flow fluidly? Well, this is because of the surface tension of the liquid. Any liquid with a strong surface tension would not flow fast, and on with a weaker surface tension would be more lucid and free flowing.

Color pigments used

The black color is a mixture of the other fountain pen ink colors and dyes. But the blue color specifically comes from the Triarylmethane dye, and the red comes from the Eosin dye. But when you are choosing between the fountain pen ink brands, bottles or cartridges, little do you think of the colors. However, the priced colors may promise permanence if that is important to you, else there are various brands in an affordable range available now, and there is some ink for every budget.

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