Making memories with a great Bucks Night party

Reality dating programs like The Bachelor Australia continue to score high ratings and viewership of about a million on every episode.  Maybe it’s because of the therapeutic effect that such television shows carry with them as they offer escapism from the serious stuff and immerse viewers in a mind slowing trivia of reality TV. Perhaps it’s the dating scene that is just crazy and dramatic that people enjoy. For soon to marry couples, they’re ready to settle, and the bachelor lifestyle is near closure. But it’s not over until the fat lady sings! It’s possible to have a bucks party that will be memorable enough to last you a lifetime. Below are some tips to make the experience of a bucks night Melbourne has to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Determine what you would like to do

 Even before deciding on the venue you would like to hold your bucks night Melbourne party, important is to list down the activities you would like to engage in. Especially consider what the soon-to-be-groom takes interest in and spice up the idea in a crazy, extreme, but fun way. Such that if they take interest in karaoke, instead of going to a regular club, go to a strip club and make sure they mimic the strippers while singing. Once you have the list of activities in mind, then narrowing down to the ideal venue will become super simple.

Affordable options

 Holding your party in a lawns bowl is a cheap option that is affordable for most people.  As bucks parties are greater with large group of people, organize with a group of mates to go at a local bowls club and throw a few ends. All you will need to spend on is jugs of beer.  Another cheap option is hiring a penthouse for your bucks night in Melbourne at a cool hotel in the city. You could hire some entertainment to spice up the night, including strippers. You could also hire private poker rooms as many casinos in Melbourne today offer this service. Check at The Men's Gallery

Manage the number

 Even as bucks night Melbourne parties are more fun with large groups, it’s good to work with a manageable number. Also, be selective on the kind of people that you invite to the bucks night because there are activities that some people cannot be comfortable engaging in with the groom depending on their relation.  To manage this, the planners split the activities of the night such that subtle events like a cocktail dinner can be attended to by people like family, and then later on in the night you can engage in extremes like visiting strip clubs with friends.

 Having a bachelor party has become almost like a rite of passage for every gentleman tying the knot. A bucks party is usually the last time a gentleman will spend with his mates doing crazy stuff deemed as inappropriate for married people without being judged by their partner. There are many venues and ideas that you can explore to make your Melbourne bucks night party memorable. For more details, just visit

Post Author: Alicia Dunn

Alicia Dunn