Questions You Forget To Ask Wedding Photographers

The only way you can guarantee that you have chosen the best wedding photographer for your wedding is by speaking to them beforehand. It is your responsibility to gather the information you need to make the right decision. You can also use this opportunity to assess if your personalities work well together. In order to find reputable and professional photographers like those in, you need to ask them a series of questions.
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Below is a list of questions that you often overlook to ask when consulting with your wedding photographer:
Do you have samples for the photography styles I want?
Too often, you ask your wedding photographer for samples of their previous work. But if you want to assess their skills based on your chosen wedding photography style, you need to ask samples of that particular style of photography. This question is important for two reasons: 1) it will re-affirm to you that they know the style you want, and 2) you will be able to assess how good they are at the specific photography style you have chosen. This is a common mistake that a lot of engaged couples are guilty of. If you simply ask for their portfolio, you will be getting selected samples of the photographer’s best shots only. Therefore, you do not get the opportunity to assess the full scale of their wedding photography skill.
Will you be the one to take our pictures?
The answer to this question might appear obvious, which is exactly why couples do not ask their photographer this question. However, you need to ask this question upfront when negotiating with photography teams. You need to understand that teams often consist of several photographers working together. You need to make sure that the head photographer will be at the event to shoot your wedding photos. If not, make sure to ask for the photographer’s names so you know if they are up to par to the photography skills of the head photographer.
How long will the coverage of the shoot be?
Most wedding photography teams have varying rates based on the extent of the coverage. To help you decide which package to choose, you need to know the exact times that the photographers will be around to shoot the event. This will also inform you on what photos you can expect from them.
When do we get the photos?
This is another obvious question that is often overlooked. You need to know exactly when the photographer will turn over the wedding photos to you. Most photographers require full payment by the time of the wedding. Hence, you have the right to ask the team to secure the final copies within a reasonable time frame.
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