What does one require to know before hiring a marquee?

There are many events that require one to hire a marquee. You may be planning for a birthday, graduation, wedding or your parent’s 60th anniversary. Choosing the right marquee is crucial since if you choose the wrong one, it might ruin the much awaited party. You have taken a lot of your time and resources to plan for this event and it should be complemented by hiring the right marquee. Below are some of the reasons that one needs to consider before settling on the final marquee:

The extras you require

The function of the marquee should be well defined. One can hire the marquee independently. Also there are companies that offer the marquee as a package with chairs, table and food. For instance if it’s a wedding, you will need a big dance floor for your guest to dance on. You will also need chairs and tables depending on the number of guests invited. Ensure you tell the hire company on what is required in the occasion so they can assist you in planning. Also, if you decide to hire the marquee as a package the price is subsidized and it will be cheaper compared to hiring all the other extras separately.

Know the number of guests expected

The most important thing when planning for any occasion is to have an estimate of the number of guests expected. This number can be estimated from the number of cards distributed. This will help you to identify the size of marquee hire you need. You don’t want your event to be overcrowded with guests rubbing each other’s shoulder, literally. Also, an event which has an extremely big size of marquee will make your guests feel like they are too distant to easily interact with one another. Therefore, having the number of guests will ensure you get the appropriate marquee for your occasion.

Do the bookings early

It would be so disappointing when you walk to marquee hire companies and you are told that the marquee you need is already booked. This is something that you could have avoided by booking in advance. This situation mostly happens when it’s a busy season especially on holidays. Summer is also preferred by many due to the favorable weather. Let booking be your top priority to avoid last minute rush and disappointment. Delaying the booking might make you get the wrong size of marquee or poor quality. Make a down payment to the hire company and the marquee of your choice will not be offered to anyone else on the date of your occasion.

Have a budget

Before negotiating with the marquee hire company, you need to have a budget in your mind. This will ensure you don’t fall in love with a marquee that you cannot afford. It saves you time by not negotiating with hire companies that are not in your price range. However, don’t let price be the base of your decision since you may end up with a low quality just because it’s the cheapest.

The above factors will assist you to select the marquee of your choice. It’s also important to know your venue’s requirement and if they have any restriction. Hire a supplier who has insurance in case of any unexpected events.

Post Author: Alicia Dunn

Alicia Dunn